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Ecuador Tours
Trekking the Quilotoa Loop 


Day 1:  Isinlivi
Day 2:  Chugchilan
Day 3:  Quilotoa
Day 4: Tigua
Day 5: Back to Quito


DAY 1: Isinlivi
Approximate duration of the walk: 4 – 5 hours Initial elevation: 2900 msnm Highest elevation: 2950 msnm Lowest elevation: 2560 msnm Difficulty: easy
We will start our journey in the direction of a town called Sigcho, seeing mountainous landscapes along the way and reaching a height of 2,900 masl. At this point, we will begin a hike down to 2,650 masl to another village called Isinlivi.
From there, we will be delighted by the views of the snowy peaks of the Ilinizas and see beautiful fields. Night in Isinlivi
DAY 2: Chugchilan
Approximate duration of the walk: 5 - 6 hours Initial elevation: 2950 msnm Highest elevation: 3197 msnm Lowest elevation: 2640 msnm Difficulty: moderate
Shortly after, we will ascend again to an altitude of 3,000 masl to reach the highway where we will continue walking to Chugchilan. We will sleep in Chugchilan at a small town. Night at Mama Hilda
DAY 3: Quilotoa
Chugchilan to Quilotoa; And finally, the treking to the majestic crater lake begins here! Early mornings are the best time to start this hike. From Chugchilan, you descend a valley initially and then make your way up. After a while, the pathway gets plateaued, leading to Quilotoa, usually take around 5-6 hours. Night in Quilotoa
DAY 4: Tigua 
On the way to Tigua you'll stop to visit an indigenous marked in Zumbagua the big marked is every Saturday.
Visit the town of Tigua famous for its native paintings, Nigh at La Posada de Tigua. 
DAY 5: End of the tour 
End of the tour back to Quito or Latacunga. 

5 Day Tour

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