Napo Wildlife Center

Located in the heart of the Yasuni National Park, a UNESCO,  a Biosphere Reserve the Napo wildlife Center provides visitors with great opportunity to explore the treasures hided in the secred lands of the Amazon Rain-forest in Ecuador.


One of the particularities of this hotel is that it is 100% managed by the Kichwa Anangu Comunity, making in the greatest example of a community-based project that benefits the local community and preserves the diverse flora and fauna of the area.

Itinerary A: Premium Tour

Day 1 - Quito - Coca Arrival to Napo Wildlife Center

Day 2 - Kichwa Anangu Community

Day 3 - Canopy tower 

Day 4 - Flight to Quito

Itinerary B: Premium Tour Extended Stay

Day 1 - Quito to Coca

Day 2 - Canopy tower

Day 3 - Visit the parrots clay

Day 4 - Tiputini Trail

Day 5 - Paddle canoes

5 Day Birding Tour

Day 1: Arrival to Coca - Anangu Creek

Day 2 - 4: Canopy tower - Bird habitats 

Day 5: Breakfast - Flight to Quito  

Cultural Adventure Tour

Day 1: Arrival to Coca - Napo riverbank

Day 2: Napo Wildlife Center Lodge

Day 3: Canoe along the Anangu Creek

Day 4: Tiputini Trail - Nanoes deeper zones

Day 5: Flight to Quito

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US: +1.203.443.9365

Quito, Ecuador: +593.999.721.198

Dolores Veintimilla N2 - 68 y Rita Lecumberri

Quito - Ecuador

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Dolores Veintimilla N2 - 68 y Rita Lecumberri

Quito - Ecuador

Fairfield, CT, USA


US: +1.203.443.9365

Quito, Ecuador: +593.999.721.198

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