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Cloud Forest
Maquipucuna Lodge


The lodge is built in accordance with its natural surroundings by the Umachaca River, creating an even more beautiful, relaxing back-to-nature experience. The lodge offers different types of accommodations and camping, all of which have running spring water and hot showers. Relax in the warm breeze and be swept away by the exuberant scenery. Below are their descriptions to help you decide which you would prefer.mforts and pleasures within.



                                                                     - Andean spectacled bears

                                                                     - Maquipucuna reserve

                                                                     - Choco Andino boosphere reserve

                                                                     - Birding

                                                                     -  Swiming & Hiking 

                                                                     -  Night Hikes



 Maquipucuna lodge offers access to 32 kilometers (20 mi) of trails. The trails vary in their range of difficulty and a guide is recommended for some. Ask your guide or the Maquipucuna staff for a trail map so you can explore by yourselves. Your guide will also help you to select the most appropriate trails based on your fitness level and specific wildlife interests. 

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