Best places to staying near to Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

South from Quito, the Cotopaxi National Park is a popular, must-see destination in Ecuador. Whilst it is possible to visit Cotopaxi on a day-tour, many prefer to spend more time in the park to fully appreciate the pristine nature and wonderful volcano views. Which leads to the question of where is the best place to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

The good news is that you can find a great diversity of Cotopaxi hotels and haciendas, making it difficult to choose between them. Due to its great coverage, there are options for all kinds of tourist, including single, couples, groups of friends, families and much more. Even your pets will not have to stay home for your trip to Cotopaxi, keep reading for your ideal fit!


Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

El Porvenir has one of the best locations since it is inside the national park, at the heart of the central Andes. Here you will enjoy great views of the surrounding volcanoes, and enjoy access to great activities such as trekking, self-guided trails & horse-riding.

This sustainable hotel blends in effortlessly with the surrounding nature, and offers a wide range of rooms from hacienda-style rooms or suites, to traditional & cozy Machai rooms.

Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

CHILCABAMBA HOSTAL -The Cozy, Family Choice

Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

This charming hotel is the ideal place for a family escape, with a cozy atmosphere, a small number of rooms, and a personal touch to service.

Located inside the National Park you can enjoy views of all the surrounding volcanoes (including Cotopaxi Volcano), choose activities that support the local community, and eat delicious meals in their restaurant.

Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?


Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

No hacienda can beat Los Mortiños in the game of panoramic views of Cotopaxi Volcano from every single room! Located in the national park, be ready for romance, relaxation, and nature in this idyllic getaway. A choice of both local and international meals are served every day.

HACIENDA LA CIENEGA-For History & Tradition

If you are looking for a reasonably priced Hacienda then La Cienega will save your day. It is located just outside the national park in the town of Lasso, and is heaven for history and tradition lovers, with rooms where famous historical figures have stayed.

In free time you can step back in time, wandering around the gardens, and exploring the hacienda grounds which include a small chapel.

Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?


Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

For the most exclusive experience, you should choose Hacienda San Agustin de Callo, where you will be sleeping between ancient Inca walls just outside of the national park. This legendary Hacienda is a mix of imperial Inca style, Spanish colonial style, and republican style, giving a rich experience while staying there.

All luxury rooms come with 3 meals included, and staying in the Cotopaxi House means you can relax in a Jacuzzi. Meals are composed of fresh vegetables from their own garden and a mix of Ecuadorian and Mediterranean dishes.

Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

CUELLO DE LUNA – The Backpackers Favorite

Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

Cuello de Luna wins the race of best budget accommodation, with very acceptable prices for single, double, triple and family rooms, even allowing pets for free. It is located just outside of the national park in Lasso, but close to the main entrance so is a good base to explore from during the day.

Where to stay in Cotopaxi National Park?

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