Mountain Season Chuquiragua stands out in the Andean garden

The Ecuadorian summits receive hundreds of adventurers during the Mountain Season, which runs between the months of June and August, where the climatic and geographical conditions of the country converge to highlight the Natural diversity of its landscapes, which highlights the colourful chuquiragua, known as the flower of the climber. This plant native to the Ecuadorian moorland can be found from 3,000 to 5,000 meters above sea level, in extreme conditions where the temperature can vary between 8 and Due to its nutritional and therapeutic uses, it has received different names such as spear stick, walker flower, flower of the Andes or flower of the climber. It is attributed diuretic and sweaty properties if it is taken as an infusion, or it serves as a healing and anti-inflammatory when used topically. This native plant of the Ecuadorian moorland can be found from 3,000 to 5,000 meters above sea level. For these benefits, the conquerors of the Andes are the main consumers of chuquiragua in its ascents through the mountains as it helps them to mitigate the cold. In addition, the different species of hummingbirds that inhabit the moor are nourished by the nectar of their flowers. Currently, the endemic species, Blue-throat-ed Star, discovered in southeastern Ecuador in 2017 can be admired while feeding on the plant. During the Mountain Season, admire this striking plant that paints the wonderful Ecuadorian moor of intense orange, you will surely find it near the perpetual snows.

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