From the Pacific Ocean to the Andes of Ecuador join us on board the leading Luxury Train in south Am

Tren de la Libertad

Ibarra – Salinas – Ibarra

Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Holidays

From Ibarra, two hours north of Quito, crossing seven hand-hew tunnels and two panoramic bridges take our train to Salinas, home to a vibrant Afro-Ecuadorian community


Tren de los Volcanes

Quito – El Boliche – Machachi – Quito

Friday, Saturday and Sundays

You may spot more than 15 volcanoes in this ride… if the weather allows. If not, rural landscapes, the “chagra” (Ecuadorian cow-boy) culture and a surprising Andean forest in the skirts of Cotopaxi volcano will make this a worthwhile adventure.


Tren del Hielo I

Riobamba – Urbina – Riobamba

Saturdays and Sundays

Ice creams made close to the Sun.


Tren del Hielo II

Ambato – Mocha – Urbina – Cevallos – Ambato

Saturday and Sunday

From warm Ambato, city of flowers and fruits, to the highlands of Chimborazo, some 11.000f.a.s.l not forgetting some shopping at Cevallos’ many leather workshops


Devil’s Nose

Alausi – Sibambe – Alausi

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays

Thirty rock-hewn, mind-blowing bends in barely seven miles with a 45000 feet drop earned this track the title of “Most Difficult train the World” back in the day.


Tren de la Dulzura

Duran – Naranjito – Duran

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays

From Duran to Naranjito the train crosses sugar cane, banana, pineapple and cocoa plantations that explain the nickname of this route:

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