San Jose Itineraries
Cruise A: 8 Days / 7 nights
Tuesday - Tuesday

Day 1 - Monday: Baltra and Bachas Beach

Baltra Airport

At Baltra Airport you have to pay your Galapagos National Park entrance fee and your luggage is inspected. In front of the arrival hall you will meet your naturalist guide and fellow passengers, and be transferred to the landing dock by airport shuttle. Our inflatable dinghy brings you the last stretch to the yacht.


Bachas Beach

After welcome aboard M/Y San Jose, check-in, lunch and the safety-drill you will have your first wet (bare feet) landing for your first guided stroll.
Before dinner your guide will give the first daily briefing, and the captain and his crew will present, and share a welcome toast.

Day 2 - Tuesday: Isabella Island


Before the breakfast buffet (but after a snack) the inflatable dinghies will bring you to the Tintoreras islets.  The guided hike follows a rough volcanic rock trail (easy/moderate level) to the unique tidal channel. After breakfast aboard first time snorkeling is scheduled.


After lunch aboard you will visit the local tortoise breeding centre in Puerto Villamil and the surrounding wetlands, with the bizarre historical ‘Wall of tears’ (national cultural heritage) and where American flamingos occur. At the end of the afternoon you will have some free time to explore the village and/or its beach.

Day 3 - Wednesday: Isabela Island

Moreno Point

After breakfast and a dry landing (with footwear) a guided hike crosses the crumbling, pitch black lava fields of Moreno Point (moderate level; about 2km/1.25mi). After a snack we either make an inflatable dinghy-ride or emerge ourselves first-time for snorkelling. 

Tagus Cove

At noon we will enter Bolivar Channel to Tagus Cove (navigation time: 3h). Meanwhile you can enjoy the delicious lunch buffet before snorkeling and island visit at Tagus Cove.
Navigation: At dinner-time we will cross to Fernandina, where we will anchor after about 45 min.

Day 4 - Thursday: Espinoza Point, Fernandina

Espinoza Point

After breakfast and a dry landing the guided morning walk (easy/moderate level; about 2km/1.25 mi) runs over the lava tongue of Espinoza Point. After a snack we will bring you to today’s snorkeling site.
Vicente Roca  

While having lunch we will cross the Bolivar Channel for the last time to Vicente Roca Point (2 hrs), just at the mouth of Isabela’s imaginary seahorse-shape.
Overnight navigation: Before dinner we will start our longest 9 hour’s navigation around the north cape of Isabela (Albemarle Point) to Santiago (crossing the equator two times).

Day 5 - Friday: Espimilla Beach & Buccaneer Cove, Santiago

Espumilla Beach & Buccaneer Cove

After breakfast and wet landing (bare feet) at Espumilla Beach a guided walk leads uphill and land inward (easy level; about 2km/1.25 mi). Afterwards you can explore Galapagos’ submarine world, which is even more varied than island life.

Puerto Egas

At lunchtime we will navigate 12km/7 mi south to Puerto Egas with its famous fur seal grottos, where you will make another, very different guided walk along the coastline (easy level), and can snorkel a second time.

Navigation: After this impressive day we navigate before dinner to nearby Rabida, where you will pass the night floating (about 2 hours).

Day 6 - Saturday: Rabida & Chinese Hat


After breakfast and a ‘wet landing’ (barefeet) at the remarkable red beach of Rabida two short guided hikes are programmed (easy level; about 0,4+1 km/0.25+0.6 mi). On return you will be picked-up by the inflatable dinghies, to prepare yourself for snorkeling.

Chinese Hat

Before lunch we navigate about 2 hours to Chinese Hat, another islet just out off the coast of Santiago, where you can snorkel again. Learn more about Galapagos’ fascinating geology during the late-afternoon walk on this typical volcano-islet (easy level; about 0,7 km/0.5 mi).
Navigation: Late afternoon we navigate in about 6 hours to the sheltered bay of Puerto Ayora, where you can enjoy a fairly quiet sleep.

Day 7 - Sunday: Charles Darwin Reserch Station, Santa Cruz

Charles Darwin Reserch Station

After breakfast our dinghies will bring you to the touristic pier of Puerto Ayora, from where you will be brought to the Charles Darwin Research Station. Afterwards you usually can spend some free time in the cozy town, before having lunch aboard.


In the afternoon you will return to shore and travel back and forth by private bus to the agricultural zone in the highlands to search for Galapagos giant tortoises in the wild. Dinner aboard.
Overnight navigation: In the dead of the night the anchor will be lifted for navigation to North Seymour (about 4 hrs), where we will arrive short before sunrise.

Day 8 - Monday: North Seymur Transfer

North Seymour

Shortly after your wake-up call you will make a dry landing and a farewell guided walk across the sea bird’s colonies of North Seymour. After breakfast aboard it’s time say goodbye, leave the yacht and continue to the airport (unless you have booked an extension on the B-route).

Baltra Airport

Assisted by the naturalist guide and some crew members the dinghy will bring you and your luggage to Baltra, where we take the airport shuttle. Your guide will accompany you until the check-in counters in the departure hall.

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Cruise B: 8 Days / 7 nights
Tuesday - Tuesday

Day 1 - Tuesday: Baltra and Mosquera

Baltra Airport

At Baltra Airport you have to pay your Galapagos National Park entrance fee and your luggage is inspected. In front of the arrival hall you will meet your naturalist guide and fellow passengers, and be transferred to the landing dock by airport shuttle. Our inflatable dinghy brings you the last stretch to the yacht.



Mosquera lies in the middle of the Itabaca Channel, between Baltra and North Saymur, Galapagos sea lions are real beach lovers.

Day 2 - Wednesday:

Darwin Bay

After breakfast and a wet landing at the sheltered beach of Darwin Bay you will go for a guided walk (moderate level; about 3km/2mi) and refreshing snorkelling.

Prince Phillip's

Around lunch-time we will sail to nearby Prince Philip’s Steps, close to the entrance of the broken caldera. There you can snorkel another time, and the guided walk through cliff top seabird colonies (moderate level; about 3km/2mi).
Overnight navigation: After dinner we will lift the anchor and navigate about 8 hours south to South Plaza.

Day 3 - Thursday: south Plaza, Santa Fe

South Plaza

After breakfast you will make an unforgettable guided walk on South Plaza (easy level; about 1,25 km/0.75 mi; avoidable depths on the cliff-edge).
Before lunch we will sail to Santa Fe (about 2 hrs southeast), possibly escorted by bottle nose dolphins.

Barrington Bay

After lunch you will have time for a refreshing swim or excellent snorkelling in the crystal clear azure waters of Barrington Bay.
At the end of the afternoon we have a wet landing at the beach of Santa Fe and have a guided nature walk. Your guide decides whether the easy shorter circuit is followed, or a strenuous longer hike land inward (moderate level; about 3km/2mi).
Navigation: After a quiet sleep in the sheltered bay we will lift the anchor in the dead of the night and sail to Kicker Rock, just out of the coast of San Cristobal (about 4hrs).

Day 4 - Friday: Kicker Rock, San Cristobal

Kicker Rock

Before breakfast a dinghy-ride and optional snorkelling are scheduled (a snack is available before). Next we will navigate in about 1hr to the harbour of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, where you can pass some free time.

Interpretation Center

After welcome, check-in, lunch, and the safety-drill the dinghies will bring you to the pier, from where you will visit the Interpretation Centre and the village.
Before dinner your guide will give a first daily briefing and the captain and his crew will present themselves and share a welcome toast.

Day 5 - Saturday: Gardner Bay, Espanola

Gardner Bay

After a ‘wet landing’ (bare feet) on the wide sand beach at Gardner Bay you can stroll along the sea lions colony (easy level), or enjoy a moment of reflection, relaxation, or rolling with sea lions in the surf. Next you can plunch into the alluring turquoise-coloured Gardner Bay for snorkelling.
Suarez Point

Back on board we will navigate about an hour. After lunch you will make a ‘dry landing’ (with footwear) at Suarez Point. During a longer guided walk (moderate level; 4km/2.5 mi/about 2 hours) you will pass spectacular sea bird colonies on top of the cliffs (some short scrambling passages; avoidable depths).
Overnight navigation: After dinner San Jose will navigate about 5 hrs westward to neighboring island of Floreana.

Day 6 - Sanday: Cormorant Point, Floreana

Cormorant Point 

After breakfast and a wet landing at the greeny beach of Cormorant Point (wet landing) and walk to a powdery coral sand beach on the other side of the peninsula (easy level; about 1,5km/1mi). En route you can observe the American flamingo lagoon from different viewpoints.
Back aboard we will navigate about 45 min to Champion Islet. There you can snorkel fantastically; if this is not your thing or if you prefer bird watching, alternatively you can make a dinghy-ride.

Champion Islet

While having lunch we will navigate back to Post Office Bay (about 1hr). Post your holiday greetings in the historical barrel, one of three nearby visitor’s sites on Floreana’s north coast (short displacement, wet landing) and relax. Explore by inflatable dinghy – or in your own pace by sea-kayak – another submerged crater rim around the bay of Baroness Lookout.
Overnight navigation: After dinner San Jose will cross-over to Santiago (about 7 hours north).
Additional options scuba-diving: choice out of 9 nearby diving sites (All levels)

Day 7 - Monday: Sullivan Bay, Santiago

Sullivan Bay

Another full day, largely dedicated to volcanism. After breakfast you will make an not yet too hot moonwalk across the solidified lava flow (guided walk, easy level; ca. 1,5km/1mi). You will be received aboard with a juice before snorkeling.


After 15 minutes of navigation to approach nearby Bartolome you can enjoy your lunch buffet and prepare for fantastic shallow water snorkeling at the foot of Pinnacle Rock (alternative: walking around or relaxing on the beach).
As soon as the hottest hours have past you will climb the stairs of Bartolomé’s Summit Trail, which is rewarded with panoramic views (guided walk, moderate level; about 800m/0.5 mi; 114m/375ft altitude difference).
Navigation: After dinner we will sail to the north coast of Santa Cruz (about 2:30 hrs south).
Additional options scuba-diving: Bartolome or Cousin Rocks (both advanced)