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16 Passengers

The depths of the Amazon, some 30 years ago, were feared by most mortals. We know now, however, that they have been -and still are- simply deeply misunderstood. The fantasies of impenetrable tangles filled with monstrous insects, flesh-eating fish, snakes large enough to devour a man and long-lost barbaric tribes ready to spear intruders that revolve around these sanctuaries of natural life and biodiversity; are only as real as an unadventurous mind believes them to be

16 Passengers

Our jungles walks, kayak adventures and swimming activities will strengthen your heart while your soul is enriched by the amazing cultures that take care of this land. 

Join us on board and discover unforgettable experiences into the endless heart of biodiversity on carefully-designed vessel set to explore this truly unique environment that offers Amazonian cultural immersion, as well as close encounters with wildlife and different ecosystem of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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