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Ecuador Tours
Andes, Galapagos & Amazonia
Image by Sébastien Goldberg
Andes - Galapagos & Amazonia Tour



DAY 1: Quito transfer - Hotel

Quito Arrival: Our guide the will be waiting for you at the Airport and take you to your hotel in Quito.

Free time to relax and acclimatised 

DAY 2: Quito City tour - Mitad del Mundo

Following breakfast, we’ll pick you up and take you on an extended tour of one of the most picturesque and colonial cities in South America. We’ll take in the old town of the city, and visit important historical areas such as the Plaza of the Independence and the Presidential Palace. We’ll also take in a number of imposing gothic churches before working up to the amazing Basillica

Ecuador is home to the middle of the world! Travel on a guided private tour from Quito to the location where the southern and northern hemispheres meet and view the monument which stands to represent this great divide! You can't visit Ecuador without going to the middle of the world. Back to your hotel in Quito.

DAY 3: Transfer out Amazonia 4 Days Package Cotococha Lodge

Arrival to the Lodge in the afternoon. After the long drive we can relax for a while in our beautiful spacious bungalow built in a rustic native design surrounded by gardens full of amazing jungle plants and flowers.

A delicious dinner will be served in a romantic candlelight setting at the attractively decorated restaurant. Afterwards we will enjoy a special welcome drink, relaxing ourselves around the elegant fireplace, to coordinate and discuss next day's activities with the local crew.


DAY 4: Cotococha Lodge

Early in the morning we'll have breakfast. Afterwards we must prepare our gear: boots, raincoat so we can be ready to begin the adventure! We will board a canoe and start our journey downstream through the enchanted Amazon Jungle along the imposing Napo River. Arrive to Misahualli, where we make a short stop to check our papers with local Marina, so don't forget your passport!! Continuing our canoe-trip we arrive to Arajuno River. Visit to Animal Rescue Center.

DAY 5: Cotococha Lodge

After breakfast, we depart by canoe upstream for ten minutes, arriving to a small shore where we begin a fun and thrilling one hour walk, marvelling ourselves with the jungle's secondary forest diverse flora and fauna. After our short walk, we'll find ourselves in a breathtaking cascade "Las Latas" .

After lunch we put on our "wet gear" (boots & rain coat) to start an exciting walk in the jungle forest ready to find the secret wonders of the mysterious hidden jungle.

DAY 6 : Flight Amazonia - Quito Transfer Inn 

Flight Amazonia  - Quito Transfer to your hotel en Quito.

DAY 7: Transfer out -  Flight to Galapagos  - 5 Days - Cruise Golondrina Yacht 


Baltra Island - Santa Cruz Island - AM

Departing Guayaquil to Galapagos (1½ Hour Flight).

BALTRA ISLAND: Home to Galapagos’ main airport, this will be the starting point of your experience aboard the best tour of the Galapagos Islands. A bilingual guide will meet you at the airport and assist you during the transfer onboard the Golondrina.

PM – After Lunch

TORTUGA BAY BEACH: After a 1½ Hour walk through the most inhabited island in Galapagos you’ll arrive at the white sands and turquoise waters of Tortuga Bay. One of the most beautiful beaches of the Galapagos, Tortuga Bay.

DAY 8: Golondrina Yacht - Galapagos


AM – After Breakfast

SANTA CRUZ ISLAND (CHARLES DARWIN SCIENTIFIC STATION): Visit the 1959-established Charles Darwin Station to learn about the Giant Tortoises and their reproduction, as well as the origin and formation of the archipelago.

PM – After Lunch

PRIMICIAS RANCH: On the very first stop, you’ll be able to see the staple and namesake of the Islands: the Giant Tortoise, these gentle creatures are easily spotted gracing through the foliage or resting.

Day 9: Golondrina Yacht - Galapagos


AM – After Breakfast

TINTORERAS: Located South of Port Villamil, Tintoreras has a tranquil turquoise-water bay where a variety of marine life can be seen: sea turtles, iguanas, and sea lions are almost a guaranteed spot. The bay is connected to a shallow fissure, when the tide is low the entrance is cut off and sharks and stingrays can be found swimming within. Lunch onboard. PM

ARNALDO TUPIZA BREEDING CENTER: The population of giant tortoises of the island is maintained through their bred-in-captivity program.

Day 10: Golondrina Yacht - Galapagos


Santa Cruz Island

AM – After Breakfast

RABIDA ISLAND: One of the more colorful and volcanically active islands of the archipelago, as well as an amazing diving site. We begin at the prominent Brown-Sanded Beach of Rabida, then a light ½ a mile hike to reach a lookout of breath-taking view. A paradise for birdwatchers, Flycatchers, Brown Pelicans, Galapagos Hawks, varieties of Finches and many other of the rarer species flock to Rabida. Wet landing, lunch onboard.

Day 11: Transfer to the Airport Guayaquil or Quito 

Tour end - after breakfast our driver will transfer you to the airport for your flight out.

Day 12: Transfer to the Airport - End of the tour  

Galapagos, Ecuador, Andes & Amazon, A fantastic journey to the Galapagos and Ecuador and the Amazon - feel very fortunate to be able to undertake such an adventure

Day 1: Transfer Airport Hotel

Day 2: City tour - Middle of the world - Mitad del Mundo

Day 3: Transfer out Amazonas 4 Days Package Cotococha Lodge 

Day 4: Jungle Amazonia

Day 5: Jungle Amazonia

Day 6: Flight Amazonia - Quito Transfer Inn 

Day 7: Transfer out - Flight to Galapagos - 5 Days Cruise

Day 8: Galapagos excursion 

Day 9: Galapagos excursion

Day 10: Galapagos excursion

Day 11: Flight Galapagos - Quito or Guayaquil

Day 12: Transfer to the Airport - End of the tour  

Image by Kiyoshi
Image by Sébastien Goldberg


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